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Cambridge Phobia Treatment
Imagine freedom from fear...

Testimonials for Cambridge Phobia Treatment:

Here are some comments from clients who have consulted me for effective phobia treatment.

"Before I consulted Patricia my needle phobia was so bad that I literally fainted each time I had to have an injection.  I have had two blood tests since my treatment and have felt completely relaxed each time."

Louise Wheal
Professional Singer

"I was under stress trying to cope with a particularly aggressive member of staff.  After just two sessions with Patricia I felt able to deal with this person confidently and assertively. Now I feel in control with my life and feeling well and happy again."

Ann B, Administrator, Cambridge

"I can't praise Patricia highly enough. She has helped me deal with and control anxieties about public speaking and giving presentations, feelings of professional inadequacy (of the 'I'm a fraud' type) and sleep problems after a close relative's death. She has used a variety of techniques, quickly finding the ones that I respond to best. She has given me after-session support on CDs to reinforce what we have been sorting out. With increased confidence life is so much more fun now - thank you so much!"

Jenny Tootal, University Administrator, Cambridge

'In just a few meetings Patricia turned around many of my negative, unhelpful ways of thinking about situations and about myself. I particularly appreciated her positive and encouraging attitude. My sessions with her were a real tonic.'

Louise B. Cambridge.

"I can tell you that it has been very helpful.  I have started noticing changes in the way I do things and I talk to various people.  I am not hiding under desk for people in 'authority'.  I stand for myself and say what I have to and funny enough people do take notice and 'nobody laughs'.

I have recently been invited in CEO's office for a chat and I was not stressed out about it at all.  Had a very good conversation  Even so I agonised about a bully colleague's comments I wrote a polite email back and have never heard from him since."

This client preferred to remain anonymous

‘I did it!  I actually flew!  No tears or panic attacks in sight.  There will be no stopping me now’

Sharon Burrows, Charity Worker


Phobia Treatment Cambridge 


Your phobia treatment in Cambridge is just a phone call away.  Call Patricia on 01223 565474 or 07983 647 261 or email now.



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