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Cambridge Phobia Treatment
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Phobia Treatment Cambridge

According to Mind, the mental health charity there are around 10 million people who suffer from phobias in Britain.   Phobias can appear at any age but they usually first present in adolescence or adulthood.  Most phobias need treatment with only around 20% vanishing without help.
Often people know why they have the phobia.  For example, they may have learned to be scared of spiders because one of their parents was.  This is Learned Behaviour Phobia. 

Another type of phobia is one that comes about because of a specific incident such as a flying phobia developing after a particularly difficult flight. 

Sometimes people have no idea why they have a phobia - it is just there limiting their life in some way.

It can be said that a phobia is the brain’s way of trying to protect you from harm.  The phobia keeps you from being in the vicinity of the phobia object, thus keeping you safe.  Unfortunately, the brain has laid down too strong a protective pattern thus overriding the rational brain’s knowledge that the fear is irrational.

People can be phobic about absolutely anything.  The most common request is for treatment of flying phobia but the list of possible phobias is endless.  Birds, buttons, insects, bridges, social situations, public speaking, relationships, needles, and vomiting are just some of the things people can be phobic about.

Anxiety or Panic Attacks have some similarity with phobias and can also often be treated very quickly.

Fears and Phobias Treatment includes:

  • A thorough assessment of your phobia
  • Using a range of Rapid Response NLP techniques to eliminate your particular phobia. (for more details see Phobia Cure Treatment page)
  • The use of hypnosis to relax and reinforce the Rapid Response exercise.
  • a complementary CD to use at home to continue the changes

Fear of Flying
This is the phobia I am most commonly consulted about.  Many clients with a fear of flying have the lead up to their holiday ruined by fearful anticipation of the flight.  Then about half way through the holiday they start to worry about the flight home, spoiling that too.  

Many people with a fear of flying consult their GP when their fear gets severe enough.  They are usually recommended valium.  Often they not only take the valium but also a hefty dose of alcohol to give them courage to fly.  The sad after effect of this is to arrive at their destination feeling drowsy and dehydrated.  

Hypnotherapy for fear of flyng has no side effects.  Surprisingly quickly, you'll find yourself forgetting that you ever had this problem.  You can look forward to concerning yourself with nothing more serious than remembering your passport.  

Call 01223 565474 or 07983 647 261 or email patricia.mcbride1@ntlworld.com today to book your phobia treatment and look forward to freedom from fear.

Some Types of phobia
Agoraphobia - fear of open places Arachnaphobia - spider phobia
Ornithophobia - bird phobia Emetophobia - vomiting phobia
Trypanophobia - needle phobia Glossophobia - fear of public speaking
Dentophobia - fear of dentists Claustrophobia - fear of confined spaces
Mysophobia - fear of germs Acrophobia - fear of heights
Atychiphobia - fear of failure Gephrophobia - fear of bridges
Nosocomephobia - fear of hospitals Sociophobia - fear of social situations
Technophobia - fear of technology Thanatophobia - fear of death
Opthalmophobia - fear of being looked at Gelotophobia - fear of being laughted at
Aviophobia - fear of flying Autophobia - fear of being alone

Erectile Dysfunction
Bridge phobia

Effective Cambridge phobia treatment is just a phone call away.


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