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Cambridge Phobia Treatment
Imagine freedom from fear...

Do you ever wonder ‘Is it possible to cure phobias?’

Do you suffer from real symptoms like palpitations... dry mouth... hot and cold flushes...light headedness...panic attacks?

Do you feel that you are being ‘stupid’ or ‘irrational’ when you fear things that other people don’t worry about?

Do you wish you could get rid of your fear and phobia easily and quickly? You might be delighted at how often phobia cure is possible very quickly.

Now you can.  You can let go of that anxiety and worry and live your life to the full.

My name is Patricia McBride and I love helping people to overcome their fears and phobias.   It’s a great motivation for me to see people leave my consulting room feeling so much freer and at ease, often with a big smile on their face.  And the truth is that most simple phobias can be overcome in just one or two sessions.  There are exeptions of course such as social phobia which can takes longer because it may cover a wide range of situations and background.

How it’s done.  I use a range of techniques to help you to overcome your phobia.  Let me explain a bit about the background to how we ‘process’ a phobia in our mind.  You see, to have that phobia we have to represent it to ourselves in some way - pictures in the mind, remembering a sound, getting a feeling in our body, holding our body a certain way, sometimes even remembering a smell.  All of these representations are held in patterns in the brain. 

By changing the patterns using these techniques, the difficult feelings can be eliminated or reduced to such a low level that they are no longer significant.  See Phobia Cure Treatment for more details.

If you have any questions about phobia treatment in Cambridge you may find your answers on the FAQ page.  Of course I’d be delighted to answer any queries by phone or email.  

Call 01223 565474 or 07983 647 261 or email patricia.mcbride1@ntlworld.com today for an appointment for effective Cambridge
phobia treatment.

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